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The Wimmera, in western Victoria, is a region well-known for its resilience, 'can-do' attitude and relaxed way of life.

Major developments in our region, including securing water supplies, overhauling infrastructure, and renewed government focus on regional Australia have all combined to make this one of the most exciting moments in the Wimmera's history.

Together with our beautiful natural assets, affordable housing, quality health care and education, and our strong community spirit, we really do have...everything you need.

Need a Sound Investment?

  • A supportive local economy geared for growth.
  • Incentives for business and investment in Regional Victoria.
  • New and innovative sectors to explore and make your own.

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Need to Fast-Track Your Career?

  • To fast track your career.
  • Access to positions of authority you would wait years for in the city.
  • More responsibility.
  • To show people what you're capable of.

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Need a Better Lifestyle?

  • More time with your kids.
  • To feel safe.
  • To let your kids roam free.
  • A house and garden of your own.


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Need to be Part of a Community?

  • Connection with the people around you.
  • To feel you belong.
  • To help out, pitch in.
  • To contribute and feel valued.

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Need a Holiday?

  • Wide open spaces.
  • To be outdoors in nature.
  • To slow down, unwind, marvel at majestic scenery.
  • History, culture, art.

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Need to Know?

  • More about the Wimmera
  • Climate
  • Location
  • Local Media
  • Links

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