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Need to Fast-Track your Career

You need:

  • to fast track your career
  • access to positions of authority you would wait years for in the city
  • more responsibility
  • to show people what you’re capable of

The Wimmera.  Everything you need.

The Wimmera has given many people the opportunity to fast-track their career and reach professional milestones they dreamed of.

The Wimmera offers fulfilling career opportunities in a broad range of professions. After all, with a regional population of around 50,000, the Wimmera has the full range of sectors and professions available in the city.

Being given a chance to challenge yourself and achieve your career goals is a strong attraction for many people. Add in the lifestyle that residents of the Wimmera enjoy and you will experience the winning combination that so many young professionals have attained.


The Young Professionals Provincial Cadetship Program contributes to economic development through the growth of a skilled regional workforce and growing, sustainable population into the future.

For students who move away from regional Victoria to study, the Young Professionals Provincial Cadetship program will provide the opportunity to undertake a paid work-based cadetship in a field related to their study, in regional Victoria, during the semester break. The program provides a direct link to employment and an ongoing connection with regional Victoria for students who have moved away to undertake their preferred course of study.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships allow people, particularly those starting out in the workforce, to combine training and employment. That means earning money while gaining a nationally-recognised qualification!

Benefits for apprentices and trainees:

  • Build skills and experiences into a career
  • Complete training early to become fully qualified sooner!
  • Being paid while completing a training program that is structured – on-the-job training, at trade school, or a combination of the two.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Address workforce needs of your business
  • Succession planning for the future
  • Build new skills into your business
  • Support young people in your community

Check out the benefits here.

These local businesses and their staff demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of traineeships and apprenticeships

Stawell is home for Sanjay

Sanjay 2

THE rural lifestyle and friendliness of the community made an immediate impact on Sanjay Manivasagasivam and his wife Anecta when they first visited Stawell in 2007.
Sanjay had applied for an engineer position at Northern Grampians Shire Council, and immediately liked the town.
He got the job and by 2008, they were on their way to building a house in Stawell.
“I didn’t know anyone but they were all very friendly to us and welcoming,’’ he said.
It was a stark difference to living in Melbourne, where Sanjay described “you are just a number in a big urban area”.

blank Sanjay, Anecta and their son Vishal , 5, love living in Stawell, which sits on the edge of the Grampians National Park.
The family make the most of the natural attractions, regularly visiting the park and Halls Gap.
Sanjay said they also enjoy using Stawell’s leisure centre and swimming pool.
“We have good facilities here,’’ he said.
“And we often go to the beach at Warrnambool. It is a two-hour trip but we’ll go and spend the day there. We live in Stawell but we also enjoy the surrounding areas.’’
Sanjay is involved in community groups, having joined Stawell Fire Brigade five years ago.
“We never get bored, we’re always busy with work and community activities,’’ he said.
“Another advantage of living in Stawell is people know me by name. I go to the bank and the post office and they know my first name – I love that sense of community.’’
Sanjay said he also loved the fact that he was never held up in traffic in Stawell.
“I get to work in two minutes, which gives me more time to spend with my family,’’ he said.
“I can enjoy quality time with my son after work during the week because I get home at a reasonable hour.
“We have friends in Melbourne who spend three hours a day in traffic.’’
Sanjay’s son Vishal has just started school at St Patrick’s Primary School, Stawell.
“The school staff are very helpful and support us with our first child at school,’’ Sanjay said.
“We are here for the long term. We love the lifestyle.’’
Anecta said she had settled into Stawell quite easily.
“I’ve met people socially through neighbours, childcare and mother’s group,’’ she said.
Sanjay and Anecta have become champions for Stawell, encouraging friends to move there.
“I always recommend to friends to move here, and two friends have followed that path and now live here,’’ Sanjay said.
The move Stawell has not only provided Sanjay and his family with a better lifestyle but has been a good career move.
“I started here as an engineer and have moved up the ranks and am now the director of infrastructure and environment,’’ he said.
“It has given me good opportunities to move forward, and I’m pretty sure if I worked in a metropolitan area I wouldn’t have had that.’’

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