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Skilled Migration

The Wimmera Southern Mallee Skilled Migration Program exists to help you and your family secure visas, find work and settle into our community. We can connect you to employers and help you to explore all opportunities for finding the right job for you.

Our focus is on finding the right skills to fill employment gaps in our local industries. We specialise in helping you through the visa application process, so that you can find work quickly and successfully.

We recognise that moving to a new country and culture is difficult, and we aim to help you at each stage of your journey, from arrival, to settling in, and then the act of joining in the lifestyle and communities of the region.

Please come and see us or call us – whenever you need some help – and we will do our best for you.

Some of the services that offered to skilled migrants:

  • Visa application advice
  • Help with find a job by matching your skills with the skills required by businesses in our region
  • Support you when you do find work and need to adjust to new culture and practices.

The Wimmera Southern Mallee Skilled Migration program has been so successful it is now able increase the services being offered by introducing the Settlement Program. Some of the many services offered through the Settlement program include the subsidisation of English language classes for skilled migrants and their families, access to improving job hunting skills, access to work placements as well assistance with settling into their new community.

While we are helping you, we are also working closely with business who want to employ skilled professionals and tradespeople.

We believe that helping you and your family settle into the community is very important, and we will do our best to make the transition to life in Australia easy and enjoyable.

CASE STUDY: Miao He, China

Miao came to Australia to study at the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE in Mildura. After completing her Diploma of Accounting she moved to Horsham to take up the position of International Business Coordinator at Oscars Furniture.

“My links with Horsham are quite strong. Back in my home province of Yun Nan, I worked as a translator for a business delegation from Horsham.

That is where I first met Anthony Op de Coul, who is now my boss. I left China to study in Mildura because my University already had links with Sunraysia Institute of TAFE.

“While I was there, Anthony contacted me and offered me this job, which was fantastic. My job is interesting and challenging, and I am helping Oscar’s Furniture develop its export market.’

'Living in Horsham has many advantages. The cost of living is cheaper here than in the city, a smaller population means there is less competition – for everything from jobs to car parks! Also the lifestyle is so relaxed – a big contrast to China where everything is so crowded and competitive.

“Working in Horsham is giving me the opportunity to build up my skills and confidence. My boyfriend moved here from Mildura last year (where he had been studying too). I have joined the Horsham East Rotary Club – something that I do not think I would have the chance to do in China.”