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The Wimmera is home to many small and medium-sized businesses which have thrived in a supportive and affordable environment.

Benefits of starting a business in the Wimmera include;

  • a supportive environment to start a new business
  • affordable business premises
  • ongoing assistance on business start-up and management
  • a willing workforce
  • a wide range of training and development options for staff
  • direct transport links to major cities
  • a local community who will give their support to new business who are ‘having a go’.
The Wimmera Business Centre

Wimmera Business Centre is a Small Business Incubator and offers tenancy to start up and home based businesses, as well as offering business advice, services and assistance to small and micro businesses. A wide range of workshops are offered to businesses through the assistance of Small Business Victoria. Upcoming workshops are listed on the Events page.

The Wimmera Business Centre provides a nurturing environment in which business can establish itself with a financial buffer provided through reduced rental, subsidised utility costs and mentoring services. Wimmera Business Centre was established to assist businesses in their establishment phase and grow their market and client base

Wimmera Business Centre:

  • Phone (03) 5381 0300
  • Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Website:

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Bronwen Clark arrived in Horsham in early 2009, after many years living and working in Canberra and overseas. She established her public relations business, BCPR, just months after moving to Horsham.

“I put a lot of planning into where and how I would start a business, and I was sure that a smaller community would be more supportive than trying to set myself up in a highly competitive and commercial field in Melbourne,” she said.

“People and business in the Wimmera will see someone having a go and they will support you for it. I have found there is a lot of business around for a public relations firm and the work I have been doing is really challenging because if its diversity. I spent many years working on one small issue at a time. These days I can be working for four or five large-scale and diverse projects at the same time, which is really exciting.

“I have appreciated the level of trust local organisations have placed in my work, and it has been really rewarding to work on projects that are going to have a long-term and significant impact on the people and businesses in my community.

“I have lived and worked in cities both in Australia and Europe. After returning to Australia I was keen to explore country living. I wanted to feel part of a community and get involved in things happening around me.

“The Wimmera has certainly delivered that. I have never been so busy socially, nor felt so involved and included”.

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