Major Agricultural Production

Broadacre cropping is the major agricultural activity in dryland parts, producing cereals, pulses and oilseeds. Wheat is the most prevalent crop, followed by barley. Common pulses grown are field peas, chickpeas, lentils, faba beans, broad beans, lupins and vetch. Canola and safflowers seeds are grown for oil.

The Department of Primary Industries has a major regional headquarters in Horsham, and undertakes extensive research on seeds and crops, as well as opportunities for new industries.

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Niche and emerging industries

A range of opportunities for niche and emerging industries have been well-researched and are ready to be taken up.

Niche industries include:

  • herbs
  • wildflowers
  • grain and pulse value-adding

Emerging industries include:

  • horticulture
  • olives and olive oil
  • meat and poultry production and processing
  • intensive feedlotting
  • intensive lamb finishing
  • pork production


The Wimmera region supports steel fabrication industries that range from industrial ductile and grey iron castings through to agricultural and road construction equipment. Specialised regional manufacturers include plastic injection molders, air movement specialists, furniture manufacturing as well as health products and safety systems.

Emerging investment opportunities in the Wimmera’s manufacturing sector focus on value-added production related to agritech and biotech.


Luv-a-Duck is Australia’s leading producer of duck products with sales and distribution centres throughout Australia.

It is the largest fully integrated duck operation in the Southern hemisphere.

Its world-class are set on a 200 hectare farm, where they process up to 60,000 ducks a day. The ducks are a special breed, featuring a young, tender, meaty duck with a high breast meat thickness.
blank Unlike European and American farms, where ducks are raised in heavily insulated barns, LUV-a-DUCK products are grown on clean, spacious, open range and protected enclosures.

Employing over 200 people, this experienced team are involved in a fully integrated operation, including egg production, breeding, hatching, growing, processing, marketing, selling and distribution. Product is exported, accredited and shipped to Northern Asia, South East Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East.

Winning storage solutions

Ahrens Sherwell, based in Nhill, in conjunction with other divisions within the Ahrens Group, can offer a large variety of grain storage products.

Commencing with the Sherwell Range of Grain Storage and Handling equipment, we can diversify into large erect on site cone and flat bottom silos.  Materials Handling division manages Drive Over Hopper Stackers and Bunker Systems.  Industrial and rural sheds as well as full Turn-Key Feedmills are also available through Ahrens Sherwell.


Innovation in Agribusiness

 Belle-Vue Trading was formed in 2004 as a brokerage service for the farming community to buy and sell their second hand machinery. 

We are committed to offering the best possible service to all clients and offer a solution to all enquiries on the needs of new and used equipment.

Successful Financial Services

 Watts Price is a firm of 19, committed to excellence in all aspects of our business of public accounting, taxation and advisory services to Wimmera business operators and individuals.

From customer relations, preparation of financials and compliance matters, respecting our fellow team members and our client base, right through to our involvement in the business community, we strive for excellence!