Family Life

There are so many benefits to living in a rural town and The Wimmera is no exception!

While people in the city often get caught in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan lifestyle, residents of the Wimmera have a much more laid back approach to life and putting their families first.  

Many people who have migrated to the Wimmera from the city have noticed remarkable differences in their family – in particular the confidence and social skills of their children.

Not only do Wimmera residents have more time to spend with families (not being stuck in traffic) they also have peace of mind knowing that if their children are alone, they are in a safe place. Children throughout the Wimmera can play with neighbours or in the park and be safe.  

Leaving Sydney
for the Wimmera


IT only took a return trip to Sydney after spending Easter 2011 in Warracknabeal for the Gebert family to make the decision to move permanently.

Sally and Kevin Gebert, and son Cody, decided to leave behind their home, business and lives at Balmain, Sydney, to move the Wimmera.
“Kevin grew up in Warracknabeal but left in 1987, when he was in his 20s” Sally said. However it was Sally that was most taken with the regional town of Warracknabeal and the lifestyle it offered.

“In the space of one weekend, we went camping in the bush, skiing on the Yarriambiack Creek, the horse races and dinner with family and friends – it was just really easy,” she said.

While on his morning stroll, Kevin noticed the Commercial Hotel was for sale, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“By the time we got back to Sydney we had decided to move to Warracknabeal – we wanted to be able to do what we did at Easter every weekend and we couldn’t do that in Sydney.’’

With their Sydney life sold up, the Geberts were on their way to Warracknabeal within three months, leaving behind the traffic congestion, expensive living costs and city lifestyle.

The Geberts rolled up their sleeves and got to work on the Commercial Hotel.

“The whole town got involved and helped us with the renovations, it took a community to rebuild it and we did it in 10 and half weeks,’’ Sally said.

But the Geberts have also embraced the Warracknabeal community, joining the swimming club and Y-fest committees, while Cody, 10, has joined hockey, basketball and swim clubs and scouts. 
Sally said the move to Warracknabeal had benefited her son.

“Cody hasn’t looked back – he believes the community is friendlier than the city,’’ she said.
“And I can be home with him every night after school.