Family Services  

Health services

Maternal and child health services are available through your local Council. These services are free for all families with children from birth to school entry age. They offer health information, immunisation, and advice about child development, parenting and nutrition for young children.


Wimmera Councils and community-based organisations provide facilitated playgroups which provide regular opportunities for social interaction for children and parents.


There are many types of full-time and part-time child care services available for children too young to go to school and for outside of school hours. Suitable child care places can be difficult to find and it is recommended that you investigate options well before they are needed.


The Wimmera Council run a broad range of programs and services for young people with activities involving music, drama, outdoors and social gatherings. There are youth festivals in the Wimmera and also centres where young people can visit and spend time with other people their own age.

Family Welfare

Welfare agencies help people who are experiencing difficulties or disadvantage to overcome their problems. Generally their assistance is short-term and available for people experiencing serious disadvantage.

Welfare agencies provide:

  • child care
  • counselling
  • financial advice
  • help for children and young people
  • help for people with a disability
  • help for people having family problems
  • help for people having problems settling in to a new culture